We help you help others.

Apply for a grant and plan the change you want to implement through your project.

What kind of projects does GiveFirst support?

GiveFirst funds projects within a variety of areas, reaching one or several of the following impact categories:

  • — Promoting Christianity and spreading the biblical word (biblical schools, churches, missions, etc.) — because the biggest gift we can offer people is to encourage a personal relationship with Christ, for He brings major change and visible progress into their lives.
  • — Offering education: training within various fields (leadership, business, professional conduct, etc.), educational projects implemented in schools, Christian education — because education is the only strong foundation for a complex process of self development, where people evolve and take control over their own lives.
  • — Humanitarian and social causes: help centres for the ill, elderly or homeless, orphanages, organisations that fight poverty, etc. — because we wish to see as many lives transformed as possible, especially when it comes to vulnerable social categories, who need most help to push through the difficulties.
  • — Projects targeting local communities — aiming to improve the quality of life and of intra-communitary relationships, to sustain progress in multiple areas (social, cultural, economical).

Which conditions must a project meet in order to be eligible for funding?

A first necessary condition is that the proposal and implementation of the project be done by a juridical entity eligible of receiving funding (NGO, non-profit association or other eligible type of organisation).

By fully completing our application form, you will provide us all the information we need in the first phase of project prospecting.

Which are the selection criteria for the financed projects?

We select projects to receive a grant following a variety of criteria: the overall quality of the project and implementation plan, how realistic are the predictions regarding the impact of the project, whether the project fits within one or more of the categories of impact (mentioned in the first section of this page), the existence of a sufficiently competent team for the implementation, given the scope, timeframe and continuity of the project, the clarity of the investment plan, etc.

The projects are discussed and selected in our Board meetings. It is possible that some projects may be selected and put on a waiting list, with the “on hold” status, in the situation where the solicited funding is not available when the project is selected, whereas at the same time the project can be implemented starting with the date predicted for the receival of funding.

As an individual, can I donate or support a cause through GiveFirst?

Yes. You can contact us directly through our contact form and we will get back to you soon, detailing the ways that you can get involved in the projects we support.

I own / manage a company / organisation. How can I initiate a partnership with GiveFirst?

We enthusiastically welcome the possibility of developing new partnerships with companies and organisations which share our values or objectives. We wish to promote a functional model of corporate social responsibility, this is why we are open to ideas and proposals with the potential of changing lives.

If I have already received a grant through GiveFirst, can I apply for a different project?

Yes. GiveFirst aids developing organisations which aim to diversify or perfect their area of philanthropic projects. Long term partnerships usually have more chances at a longstanding impact on communities and promoted causes.