Livia and Jivan

Hope and growth, for a beautiful family

DeCe is an initiative developed by Networks Romania organisation, which has created jobs in a production atelier for leather and wool accessories, targeted at the underprivileged communities in Șiria (Arad county) and its surroundings. The team of volunteers gathered from Romania and abroad organize many educational and mentorship activities, for children as well as for adults, they get involved in the community and family life, they help where necessary, in order to enable people to improve their living standard. GiveFirst has been collaborating with Networks Romania for over 5 years.

Jivan was the first employee of Dece for the craft of leather accessories. The beginning was hard for him, because in his social background, people do not completely understand the benefits of work. But now, everyone wants a steady job. Although his and his family’s life was hard in the past, now, with the help from the Networks team and through a lot of work and determination, Jivan and his wife, Livia, have built a new life for themselves and their children.

Jivan and Livua live with their three beautiful children in the same yard with Jivan’s parents, who are part of the Networks project for developing greenhouses. Each year, they cultivate vegetables and fruit in their own greenhouse. During the warm seasons, they enjoy fresh and varied food, enough for them to give some to their neighbours, as well.

The Networks team has also helped this family with the birth of their two youngest children, accompanying Livia to the regular visits to the doctor during pregnancy and offering a full package with everything necessary for the newborns. Livia still goes to the meetings with the healthcare team, where she got familiar with important aspects such as hygiene or infant care, and where she receives basic food supplements. To make her household work easier, Livia borrows a semi-automated washing machine from the Networks team, every week. A few years ago, the Networks team helped them dig a water well in their own yard, so they wouldn’t need to go all the way to another well, far away from their home.

Livia’s testimony:

„Had my husband not been employed at Dece, had it not been for Mr. Lee, we wouldn’t have had what we have today. Thanks to my husband going to work, thanks to Mr. Lee and the people, the volunteers at the center — we now have what we need.
Before, we only had one room, we had a hearth, there was no concrete, nothing on the floor. Today we have more rooms and we want to close the biggest room, to build a bathroom, a kitchen, bedrooms for us and our children. Who do we owe all these? To Mr. Lee, because he has hired men from around here. You cannot make a living out of child allocation. And if you have no education, if you haven’t finished the first 8 grades, no one will hire you.

We are raising our children, we want to build a future for them, one that we never had. Our eldest son starts school in September. And the other two are still in kindergarten. By now, the kids have been going to kindergarten and to the afterschool club managed by the Networks team, where they have learned a lot. It’s important for these children to go to school, to learn, to behave, to not be taught into trouble. I wish for them to have what we never had.”