Support for a mother of three

“The Association has helped me a lot during the past years, they have always been there when I needed them. When my children were sick, the people from the Association have helped me provide treatment and care. Many times I went to the center open by the Association, overburdened with problems, and I found support and help here, I was listened to and advised, I received prayer and guidance from God.

My children go to the afterschool lesson center also managed by the Association, this helps them a lot to do better at school. The first one was Rut, when she was in kindergarten, then Saul, and the last was Tabita. Now, Tabita is in the 8th grade and, with the help and guidance from the center, she decided to go to highschool. It is a great achievement for her. As she talked with Roberta and Didid from the afterschool center, she understood that it’s good for her to continue her education. The girls’ club is also very helpful for her, especially because they go out every once in a while, she also goes to the meetings at the center.

Moreover, I have found support with the Association when I needed to be hired. I have worked with a work ID and medical insurance for 6 months. It meant a lot for me.