Mavromatis Euripides

A successful life, shaken by the unexpected

Mavromatis Euripides, of Greek origin, had never known poverty or hardship, as he grew up in a relatively rich family, where school and education were deemed important. He graduated from 2 universities, worked as an engineer in Iran, taught at universities, saving enough money to secure his future. Although he had many qualities and skills which helped him throughout his life, Mavromatis still had his weak spots which eventually got to cause him significant financial problems.

His love affairs outside the marriage have led to the deterioration of the relationship with his wife, whom he parted ways with in the end, and he hasn’t seen her at all in the past few years. As he has inevitably approached the dusk of his life, the man entrusted his daughter with the great majority of his fortune. His daughter, living in Bucharest, was supposed to invest the money in various businesses, so Mavromatis hoped that he would get to spend his final years in quiet, enjoying the fruit of his lifetime work.

Life has hit him when he least expected: at first he was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly afterwards, his only daughter died in a car accident. As this hadn’t been enough, a few weeks later, employees of a bank knocked at his door, with another piece of bad news. They informed him that he must leave his house, because it had been mortgaged and must be paid as debt, a situation created because his daughter had mortgaged all their properties.

Therefore, the old man became homeless, and soon admitted into one of the hospitals in Bucharest because of his illness. Upon his discharge, as he had no family, relatives or friends to go to, Mavromatis was taken in at the centre in Dumbrava. Here, he spent his final years in a place where he received the best care and attention from the kind people who are here for many other elders and people in suffering, who, just like the old man, had lost all support in their lives.