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Why give?

Published on: 9 Jun 2019

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If we were 100% aware, each day, that our own life is a gift, and that everything we enjoy — our health, our family, a comfortable lifestyle, a set of skills and talents, an education — are a blessing, we could assume that each of us would feel more obliged to help those who do not have the same privileges.

Some people have lost their health, others have lost their families, homes and most of their material possessions; other people have never had any of these. Some ask for help, even though they are most often rejected, ignored or driven off. Others suffer silently. Some still hopefully dream for a more indulgent future. Others have lost their hope a long time ago.

Sometimes we may overlook the desperate needs of these people because we may feel overwhelmed and discouraged: we cannot imagine how our help would make any difference.

And yet it does.

What each of us should know is that we needn’t have a lot in order to have something to give.

When you give wholeheartedly, while truly wishing for a better faith for the other, you reach a very unique state of mind. It is the good that goes beyond the comfort and tight borders of your own life: the good that goes beyond yourself.

And it is not incidental that giving is the act that triggers the deepest sense of fullfiment and peace. God has called us all to love our neighbours. It is a calling towards storing “treasures” for the eternity as much as it is a calling to bring more light and joy in the lives of those around us.